which one of these Hermes bracelets is best as a first bracelet?


Dec 24, 2012
I would like to buy my very first Hermes fashion jewelry and thought that a bracelet is something I can wear often and enjoy. I am not planning to wear it every day, but for going out and dressing up. I took a look at the Hermes website and I like the bracelets I attached here. Which one do you guys recommend starting with? Which one is more classic? Which one is more durable? Is it better to buy online or boutique? Thank you for any tips.






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Dec 18, 2005
My choice would be the Clic H bracelet. I love mine and usually wear one every day (pre-COVID).

Comes in three different metal choices and lots of beautiful enamel colors. You can dress up or down. While it's always nice to shop in the boutique, if you see a color on the Hermes website that you love, I would go for it.


May 1, 2019
I would absolutely recommend trying the bracelets at the boutique if that's an option, things can look a lot different online vs on your wrist. I was absolutely sure that I wanted a hinged bracelet in black with gold hardware, similar to the second one you posted. Online it just looked so chic and sophisticated. But on my wrist it looked rather anemic and bland, plus I was between sizes and it was either too tight or slid too far down onto my hand.

I also don't like the giant H logo on the Clic H but your mileage may vary, of course. I think the printed bracelets (either hinged or bangles) are much more special as they showcase the colors and designs which H is so good at. The Clic H (and its new cousins, the clic anneau and clic cadenas) are rather bland in comparison IMO.

I have two printed bangles (wide, so much wider than the ones you've chosen) as well as a wide hinged bracelet with the Tendresse Feline design. All three are statement pieces and really make an impact. I always get compliments on them - more than on any other H item I own, in fact. They are vary durable provided you don't bang them around!


May 14, 2010
I love all of them. It really depends on what you like the best. If you want an easy one, where you don’t have to think about coordinating with your outfit, I’d go Clic H. The thin grand apparat is a classic
design. It’s pretty in the black and gold. I really love the CDC hinged one, too. Navy and gold are so pretty together and the design is edgy. Truly, any of those you listed are a great first. Believe me, it won’t be your last. I came back to say that I don’t own any of the Clic Cadena bracelets. This is a fairly new H design. I like it but would most likely stack it with something.
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May 21, 2017
Based on what you said - first piece and the most classic - I think the clic H hands down. Yes it’s an H...but that’s exactly the reason why. It’s in fact not the design I personally love the most out of these, but I think it is the best fit for what you said you are looking for. Hope that makes sense.

I would recommend you trying in store if you can, just to make sure the size is indeed right for you - I personally can’t do enamel bracelets because even the small size is too big for me :sad: and of course it always helps to see and try things in person, get the store experience and maybe meet a good SA - like someone already said it’s quite possible this will only be the beginning ;) H is a very slippery slope!


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
I have neither clic clic, only the hinged and the bangle (both thicker though) and I really love and make good use of both.

I like the CDC enamel design a lot too, a lot of work has gone into making and to my mind has a little more finesse, great design closure mechanism too.
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Oct 25, 2012
The clic H is the most recognizable! I used to wear these a ton and then got tired of the H (and spotting many a fake on people). I sold all of mine.

The bangle or the hinged would be the next choices. I prefer the hinged.

I've tried the cadenas and didn't care of the lack of symmetry and the lock being on its side. It just didn't have the balance I like.

As others have mentioned, best to try in store. All are beautiful, chic and are of fantastic quality. You can't go wrong...it's all about personal preference. Good Luck!
Feb 23, 2011
Clic H is the most classic. I would also suggest trying it on in person, if possible. Please make sure to let us know which one you choose.


Feb 15, 2012
Go in store and try them on. The bangle can be tricky to size without trying them on in person. Some people are not fans of the hinged bangles but I love them and would continue to buy them. The clic H is classic and easily identifiable as Hermes but you might find the patterns on the bangle much more interesting. Your store should have lots of bangles from which to choose. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Pre covid I used to wear an H bracelet each day. They used to bring some pizzazz to my outfit. Good luck and enjoy the hunt!


Dec 12, 2015
Wise words from all the tPFers before me. It’s best to go in the store and try them. I’ve all enamel formats listed above, except my Clic Cadenas is the Clic Anneau. I find that the Clic Anneau is the most comfortable and the bangle the least. Good luck and have fun deciding. I can’t wait to see what you choose!


Jan 1, 2016
I have a very much loved clic h and I think it’s a great first bracelet. So many colors to choose from too.


Nov 8, 2015
I have all of these except the cadenas. Highly recommend you try them on, as people said, because the sizing is important. Especially on the bangle. I started my collection with bangles, but they can scratch if you’re not careful, and I got tired of that. Also, I am a writer, so when typing, the bangles were really noisy. I subsequently sold most of my bangles and mostly wear the H or the cdc hinge, both of which I like a lot. But, definitely, as said above, if you see a color you like online, get it! Hunting down the colors/size/metal you want can be tough.


Sep 25, 2007
You are getting great advice here. I have one of each style except the Clic Cadenas. The Clic H is the most classic but is also advertises itself as H, so you have to decide if that's what you want. The bangle is also classic (and it was my first bracelet, but in the wider version) but it's less comfortable if you are needing to use your hands a lot to work. I find the hinge most comfortable and low-key, but for a first, you might want something more classic? Just depends on your style, I guess. I got mine in a bandana print and it's currently my favorite of them all, both for it's low-key style and easy wearability.