WHich one of these fit me best? Pics =)


Which style looks best on me?

  1. Vermillion Weekender

  2. Rouge Theatre City

  3. Rouge Theatre Twiggy

  4. Rouge Vif First

  5. Other Style --- Please list =)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I'm trying to figure out which bag is the best size for me in a red color. I keep thinking it it the twiggy, but w0uld like everyone else's opinion too =)

    07 Vermillion Weekender

    05 Rouge Theatre City

    05 Rouge Theatre Twiggy

    06 Rouge Vif First
  2. Rouge Theatre Twiggy and City
  3. I'm gonna say the rouge 05' city :yes:

    Then the twiggy, then the first & weekender :smile: All look great though!

    You like red, huh? lol
  4. i really like the city
  5. i think the twiggy fits you
  6. The City, First, Day, Twiggy and then the Weekender!

    From what I remember you had mentioned you were 5'1"-5'3"?? I'm 5'1", so I just named what I think looks good on me!!! LOL!
  7. ITA!
  8. City!!!!!!!
  9. I'd go with the City or First. So many beautiful reds!
  10. twiggy,city, first and weekender....:smile:
  11. I think twiggy and city fit you the best
  12. City, Twiggy, First, then the weekender in that order.
  13. i vote city....but...I do LOVE that weekender.
  14. The Rouge Theatre Twiggy looks the most attractive on you, I think ... more youthful than the City, and the color seems to fit you better than Vermillion or Rouge Vif.
  15. in fact, i personally feel that you look good in twiggy as well as weekender too....i have placed my vote for you in twiggy.....:love: :love: