which one next?

  1. Hi all,
    I need a suggestion on "what bag to get next". I have a paddy in jeans moyen and now thinking to get either the tan paddy (I really :heart: tan paddy but then I'll get 2 paddy..) or the wishkey edith or balenciaga..
    which one do you thing the best option?:smile:
  2. You have a jeans moyen??? Heaven!!! :nuts: I can't say the b-word on this thread, so whiskey Edith seems like a great next conquest ;)
    I :heart: my own tan paddy, but I'm glad I went for an Edith before a second paddy. :biggrin:
  3. I have a tan Paddy from the fall/winter 05 season and the leather is seriously gorgeous. I don't have a Whiskey Edith but do have Chocolate and Chamois. The photos of Whiskey are beautiful. I think it's okay to have multiple bags of the same style and color. It is far better than having a diverse collection of bags you hardly use. As for Balenciaga, I had an opportunity to see some live at Barneys a couple weeks ago, and the leather is substandard - veiny, crackly, just plain icky. If you can get a B bag prior to the 05 season the leather is much, much nicer. I have a black City from 03 and the leather is yummy!