Which One?? Need to Choose Between These Two...

  1. Please help me choose which swingpack to keep....I have the Signature Multi Stripe or the Signature Stripe in "white" to choose from. I cannot decide which one to keep. I like the different colors in the Multi Stripe, but I like how the "white" one allows you to wear it with ANYTHING. The other good thing about the white one is that it has an open pocket on BOTH sides!!!! The Multi Stripe only has ONE.
    Which one would YOU choose???
    Thanks!! :yes:
    multi stripe swingpacks.jpg
  2. I LOVE the multistripe! I have it in the shoulder tote. It goes with everything!
  3. The white one.
  4. Multistripe - seems more versatile.
  5. I vote for the white one.
  6. I'd keep the white... matches more things :smile:
  7. :sweatdrop: Oh Gee! It's so hard to decide. I like colors on the multi but I like the two pockets on the white. I will have to ponder this a bit longer! :wondering
  8. I like the stripe but that's totally based on "it's pretty" and not functionality.
  9. I love the multistripe, but I know that if it were me, I'd end up going with the white one just out of practicality.
  10. I would choose white.
  11. I'd choose the white. The multi stripe is pretty, but I don't think it would go with everything.
  12. OK, I've decided! I pick WHITE! :jammin:
  13. White!!
  14. Darn, I like both. Tough choice, but I would go with the multi-stripe.
  15. I vote for the white I never cared for the multi stripe.