Which one - Musette or Salsa??

  1. I want to get an LV Musette or Salsa bag but I'm not sure which size would be better for me? I'm 5ft 5in - would the Musette look too big?

    I would love to see any photos of people wearing the Musette and the Salsa to get an idea.

  2. I struggled with these before I decided on the Musette Salsa over the regular Musette. I felt the flap on the regular size was too large to be lifting up all the time. However, both sizes looked fine on me, and I'm 5'4, so I don't think the regular would look too big on you at all! It just depends on how much you want to hold.

    I carry very little on me, the Salsa fits my wallet, cell phone, keys, lipgloss, and my iPod fine.
  3. here'
    s a picture of a 5'5" woman wearing a musette...the strap was shortened though; i don't know how much. [​IMG]
    source: josh0685 on eBay.
  4. I personally like the large one..I think the salsa is too small.
  5. I like the larger one as well.
  6. To make this decision harder, I quite like the shape of the Tango too, probably the short strap one.

    Is the Tango basically the Salsa on its side?