which one more useable: Azur Speedy30, Perfo Green Speedy, Onatah or MC White Aurelia


Please help me to choose ;)

  1. Azur Speedy30

  2. Perfo Green Speedy

  3. Onatah Yellow GM

  4. Mc White Aurelia

  5. other?

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  1. Hi, actually before I saw the actual items, helped my friend to take pics & saw the results, I pay attention for Onatah Yellow GM only :smile:

    I don't know why but I love Onatah GM so much while I know many people don't like Onatah. I've decided to take Onatah when my friend called me to see her new items and help her take pics.

    Unfortunately, when I saw all of her new items, I interest with her:
    - MC White Aurelia ( I never like Aurelia before )
    - Damier Azur Speedy30 ( I interest after saw the pics )
    - Onatah Yellow GM
    - Perfo Green Speedy ( I'm carrying fucshia and think I love Perfo, too )

    Perhaps fellow tPFers here could help me which one is perfect for me? I'm 22 years old, will start my master degree and I always wear dress or skirt, never pants.

    I'm looking for daily bag and perfect work :smile:

    I also provide the pics ( I've no pics here so I grab from her auction ) for better considering. ( mod please remove the pics if not allowed to post pics with ID )
    Azur Speedy Duo.jpg
  2. Get the Speedy 30
  3. Oh the system has limit for pics, I attach the rest.
    Perfo Green Speedy LIKE NEW.jpg Onatah Yellow GM.jpg
  4. The last, MC White Aurelia ( is it MM? )
    MC White Aurelia PM ph.jpg
  5. Hmmm... actually the Onatah Yellow GM is quite nice too, if you like it, go for it. I think it will look great with dresses/skirts too!

    I would say, either Onatah Yellow GM or Damier Azur speedy 30. But if you can get the Damier Azur speedy 30 at LV stores near you in a near future, why not get the Onatah first? ;)
  6. Hey~ For the uniqueness, I think I will choose Onatah over Azur, I saw a lady using it at shopping mall the other day and think it is quiet a versatile bag.

    For Azur speedy, I think it will be around for a while or permanent ? So, maybe you can get it at the store at later time ?

    Since you have the Perfo Pink, you should have more variations in your collections. Unless you really Love the perfo speedy design, then go ahead with the green.

    As for Aurelia, it is eye-grabing, but IMO, it is more like an office/school tote with fancy colour. Among the four, she is my least favourite. ;)

    Hehe~ hope this help!
  7. I would go with the Aurelia MM. It's the perfect size and very functional. The Azur and Perfo Speedy's are also fine, but I would choose the Aurelia MM in this case.

    The Onatah is delicate and can't use it that often, unless you're super careful with it.
  8. I like the Aurelia!
  9. I'd go with the Azur. The Perfo shouldn't be used in the rain due to the holes, the Aurelia has the tendency to chip after awhile (as all screen printed items do eventually) and the Onatah is way too fragile since it's suede.
  10. i voted for the Azur speedy
  11. Many thanks :smile:

    According tPFers voted, I eliminated the choice to Damier Azur Speedy30 and Aurelia ;)
  12. Oh, I think I need to consider the price, too?


    Aurelia $1200
    Azur 30 $ 659
  13. speedy is super useful, you know that. and looks great!
    i voted perfo b/c i am on a perfo kick, but perfo or azur for summer.
  14. i vote for the aurelia. it's a big bag that can carry a lot of stuff. the speedy is great, too but if you need to carry lots of files/notebooks then i believe it is a little harder to get stuff in and out of it.