Which one: Mono Trouville or Azur Speedy?


Mono Trouville or Azur Speedy?

  1. Mono Trouville

  2. Azur Speedy

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  1. I have to admit that I don't really like the mono pattern, but I like the shape of the Trouville. I love the Damier Azur pattern, but I am not yet a Speedy "convert." So what do you all think?
  2. trouville! love it!
  3. i have an azur speedy, so my vote was rather biased! :p as for the trouville, i prefer the white MC over the mono
  4. Azur speedy- perfect for summer!
  5. Trouville - classic bag. Don't care for the azur.
  6. Azur speedy for sure!
  7. i also prefer the MC Trouville over the Mono. But my vote goes the Azur. The handles are much more comfortable on the crook of the arm.
  8. trouville.....
  9. azur speedy all the way!! :heart: i dont have it.. but i have three azur pieces which i LOVE TO DEATH!! :yahoo: so go get it girl! the azur speedy is still on my list!! :sweatdrop:
  10. azur speedy.. i love the trouville better in MC
  11. Trouville gets my vote.
  12. I really like the azur speedy!
  13. Azur Speedy! ; )
  14. mono speedy, hehehe
  15. Azur Speedy!!