which one? Mono Mizi, CB Pink Retro ( again ), MC White Speedy or...

  1. Denim Speedy?

    Owner offer me for:
    - Mono Mizi around $ 1076
    - CB Pink Retro $ 770
    - MC White Speedy $ 869
    - Denim Speedy $ 687

    For information, all her items above like new. Which one I should buy from her?

    I ever had MC White Speedy but has sold it last month.
    I sold my like new Cherry Blossom Pink Retro~like new to a friend here so I only have not-like-new Pink Retro now :p
    For Denim, I just bought Baggy GM Fuschia
    Mono? Mmm, I never had Mizi

    Oh they all my fave bags, make ma confuse to make decision, please help :smile:
  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Mizi... get it! :nuts:
  3. Mizi hands down! I still think it's THE BEST mono design LV ever produced!:yes:
  4. Oh the MIZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That bag is just simply gorgeous!
  5. I would go with the mizi!
  6. Mizi or the CB Pap :yes:
  7. The Mizi! well....if you pass on the MC speedy or CB retro...I'll take them LOL :biggrin:
  8. My first choice would be the MC Speedy and my second choice would be the Mono Mizi. :yes:
  9. mizi, def for the price
  10. Many thanks ;) Since 98% tPFers suggest Mizi, I think I'll take Mizi, I'll call my friend now to keep for me :smile:
  11. mono mitzi.

    um, where did you find a neo for $687? what color! im looking for green! hello!!!!!!
  12. I vote Mizi...

    have you bought it??
  13. Mizi, for sure. You made the right choice.
  14. Okay, Mizi :yes: not yet, my friend will get it from the ori owner on Monday, she just saw em at ori owner's home

  15. :yes: :yes: