which one: LVOE 1 or LVOE 2???

  1. Which canvas bag do you prefer , and why ??:p
  2. I like the Lvoe tote 1.
  3. I like number 1 personally, I think it's a little more dressy. But number 2 is cute too. It's a hard choice!
  4. LOVE1 because of the amount of craftsmanship that went into each bag (hand stitching each bead). LOVE2 just doesn't do it for me!
    That said I wouldn't personally use my hard earned money for either of them!
  5. Neither, but I suppose if I had to have one, it'd be the LOVE 1 in canvas. If not, the Love 2 GM in beige is nice as well.
    I wouldn't really want either though, they're too pricey and I'd rather have a more "solid" bag like a mono bag or something.

  6. ^^^^^^^^

    Totally agree with Twiggers on this one !!!!
  7. Love 2. Although Love 1 is better craftsmanship, even my SA at the stores admitted that there has been many problems with the bags...beads falling off, silk snagging, etc.
  8. I like the embroidery on Love1, very pretty.
  9. i love love1, but i LOVE the price of love2

  10. #2! :p In Khaki.
  11. LVOE 1. I think that it's a much classier casual bag. I hate the price tag!
  12. Design: LOVE 1

    Full package, price taken into consideration, wearability etc: LOVE 2
  13. LVOE 1 for design
    LVOE 2 for price :p
  14. I really like both but I think 1 is alot prettier than I thought it would be. I dont mind both lol
  15. I missed something somewhere...what is the difference between 1 and 2? Thanks ;)