Which one - LV twice it Chanel WOC

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  1. Planning my next purchase! For a weekend going out bag only, an empriente twice or a lamb skin WOC? LMK if I should attach pics but I think everyone is familiar with the bags in question. Thanks so much!
  2. Woc!!
  3. The WOC is nicer and classier but smaller, also the strap is longer.

    The Twice is more casual and bigger, it holds more but the strap is shorter.

    I choose WOC and the strap length works better for me, it's about the same length as the Eva strap, gld!
  4. Definitely WOC! I have a black empreinte Twice and I love it but IMO it's very casual. I'm a little embarassed to admit how many WOCs I have!!! They are my favorite pieces, they hold more than most people give them credit for but are definitely not an everyday type of bag. I usually carry my phone, keys, lipstick, hand lotion and I put my cash and cc/DL in the zip pocket. I never use the cc slots or carry a wallet or card case when I use it.
  5. I have and love both. I use twice as a casual daytime bag and WOC for going out! HTH.
  6. I'd go with a WOC, but possibly consider caviar. I read too much about the lambskin scratching easily.
  7. Thanks. I'm at Saks now checking out the WOCs. I'm tall so I think the twice will be too short for me to wear crossbody.
  8. I'm probably the only one not familiar with Chanel bags (just haven't reached that stage of LVoe I guess!) but just googled the WOC and I would totally vote for Chanel. :love:

    It looks really classy and elegant, comparing it to the Twice would be a disservice!
  9. Thanks! I'm in love with the WOC too. Now trying to figure out how to pay for it! Asking on an LV sub forum, I figured everyone would say to get the twice. Definitely worthwhile to see and feel in person as so hard to tell from photos.
  10. I made a decision!
  11. I have a woc but hardly using it Coz it fits too little and I'm afraid to stuff too many items in it. In fact, I'm thinking to get twice for daily use.
  12. Enjoy your twice and I'll enjoy my WOC! I don't have too many items. If I want to carry more things, I'll use a bigger bag.
  13. Congratulations! So beautiful!
  14. Very nice choice, congrats! I would have picked the WOC too.
  15. Gorgeous!