Which One? LV Tivoli PM or Chanel PST (Petit Shopping Tote/Blk Caviar)

  1. New to this & just need a little advice. I already have the Monogram Lockit (11/06) & am contemplating on purchasing either the LV Tivoli PM (on hold for me until Sat.) or Chanel PST (Petit Shopping Tote/Blk Caviar). I like the LV because of the security & style...not to mention matching accessories. The Chanel would be my first piece of that line & not too sure if I can handle not having a zipper closure...just a magnetic snap; but I like it because it's black. This will be an everyday bag. I heard Chanel doesn't hold up as well as LV. What do you think?
  2. Tivoli!
  3. I like Chanel too... this is a hard call. :s :angel:
  4. Sounds like you would be better off with the Tivoli.
  5. You are posting this in the LV forum and actually expect a different answer than Tivoli PM!!!! Definately the Tivoli!
  6. I actually have to say the Chanel PST.
    -dodges spears and darts from LV forum- :p

    I personally love the tote style of the Chanel better and the black quilted leather is TDF.

    However, any choice you make is a good one. Can't go wrong with Coco or Louis!
  7. I vote for Tivoli ... I prefer that style Chanel in GST.
  8. I'm not a fan of the PST, so Tivoli gets my vote.
  9. Chanel is TDF but it seems delicate to me....I could be wrong because I have never owned one....BUT I do know LV can take a beating and still look beautiful.

  10. I vote for the LV Tivoli...not a fan of Chanel!
  11. Another vote for the Tivoli!
  12. Tivoli, of course!:smile:
  13. Tivoli....not a fan of Chanel after owning 3! LOL
  14. I have the PST and when I first got it I loved it and used it a lot, but the top closure became annoying to me. I adore both designers, but I think for an everyday bag the Tivoli will stand up to a lot more. Black Caviar leather is quite durable, but when it wears it turns greyish and looks very drab and worn. Monogram canvas is pratically indestrucible! Tough choice, but I would say for your purpose the Tivoli is a perfect bag.
  15. Tivoli! I have to say, I love chanel too but I'm not a huge fan of the PST...I do however, love the Tivoli!