which one LV speedy or GUCCI?

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  1. hello gucci lovers! i posted them same topic in the LV forum, but i would also like to see your guys' thoughts!

    im debating whether to purchase the Gucci Dgold large hobo(with zipper) either in:
    -white trim
    -brown trim
    Or, instead buy:
    - the LV azur speedy 30

    sooo out of these 3 bags, which would you chose? which do you think is the nicest looking one!?
  2. oooohh.. that's a tough one. the LV azur speedy is really pretty, but I'm more partial to Gucci D Gold hobos. I've been wanting one myself actually, but the only thing that's stopping me (besides lack of $$) is the fact that all they have available are the canvas bags. I don't like how the canvas bags wear down when you use it often. If they come out again with a coated D Gold hobo - like the gunmetal color! - I'd definitely jump on it. But because I'd hate to ruin a (pricey) canvas bag, I'd go with the speedy, even if it is white.
  3. ^^ thanks for the reply! yes i also was worried about the gucci canvas, however my other gucci canvas bag has held up wonderfully! it still looks brand new and i don't baby my bags at all...:smile: but yes they ALL are equally beautiful, that's why its such a hard choice
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    I vote for the LV azur speedy 30, but I would get the ebene color so it wont get as dirty ;)
  5. I have both a speedy and the D-Gold Hobo, and I definitely prefer the D-Gold. I like that I have the option of wearing it over my shoulder, and I think it holds its shape better than the speedy. I also like that the D-Gold is a bit more...."obscure" - every girl in Manhattan has a speedy. JMO!
  6. I vote D gold hobo in brown trim cuz I would hate to get the white one dirty. I have the Azur speedy and I got it dirty the first time I used it (color transfer from my dark denim). I haven't used it since cuz I'm afraid to get it dirty. I also like shoulder bags vs satchels so that's another reason to vote for the D gold. HTH!
  7. another vote for the D gold hobo in brown trim :biggrin:
  8. Large D Gold Hobo in Brown Trim! (I have this bag in Red guccissima and LOVE it).
  9. LV speedy :smile:
  10. No doubt about it for me
    The hobo with brown trim
  11. I prefer the LV speedy
  12. Gucci Dgold large hobo
  13. My choice- LV. But if its going to be an everyday bag- in ebene. Have both- I wouldnt take my Azur out everyday. I STILL LVOE HER! Good luck with ur decision!
  14. I would vote for lv speedy but not the azuR color thou.... Since I am afraid to get it dirty too
  15. LV Speedy but in ebene... i am biased though since thats going to be my next purchase. :P