Which one looks best?

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Which size looks best?

  1. Medium

    68 vote(s)
  2. Jumbo

    7 vote(s)
  1. I like the medium on you; it seems to be in better proportion to your frame.
  2. I recently had a similar dilemma & am a similar size as you, but went with the jumbo. Jumbo does not look good on me as a crossbody or with a single chain on the shoulder because it hangs too low & looks too boxy. When I wear the straps doubled so it sits higher on my body, it looks best - actually, it looks amazing this way!! The m/l does not fit anything & is comparable to what fits inside my WOC! (Card case, phone, one more small item but not sunglasses). If I’m purchasing a forever bag, I need one that is adaptable & functional. So try the jumbo with double chains on your shoulder to shorten the length, and see how it looks that way, then compare again. Hope this helps! (P.S.- I also love my Balenciaga city bag & LV Retiro which is surprisingly smaller than the jumbo. The jumbo is really not that big.)
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  3. Agree with everything AllisonFay said!!!

    Medium is so cute but hardly holds anything. The Reissue 226 looks about the same size but holds a bit more and is easier to open. Jumbo looks good on petite girls like us if we wear the straps doubled & does not look good or work crossbody.

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  4. When you frame the question as such, the obvious answer is medium =p

    However, what are you planning on using the bag for? Everyday casual? Fancy dates? Both look great on you but also take practicality into consideration. I am 5’ even and love my 2 jumbos. When I need a small bag, I reach for my mini square or golden class woc and hardly for the medium anymore.