Which one looks best?

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Which size looks best?

  1. Medium

    68 vote(s)
  2. Jumbo

    7 vote(s)
  1. Look wise only the medium. Practicality wise and usefulness the jumbo.
  2. Check out A7 water flask on Amazon. Another member on forum had recommended it and i loved it. Small and slim. Fits into the m/l flap as well as mini rectangular. I also like to carry water bottle with me when out and about.
  3. I think both look great, you just have to decide which suits your needs better. For me personally, the M/L is more occasional bag. It doesn't hold that much and I hate downsizing a bag I want to use daily. I don't carry a ton, but I need my stuff! I love the Jumbo, but only double strap. I don't like it single strap shoulder or crossbody but I am very short so the length on me those ways are ridiculous...lol.
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  4. #19 Jan 27, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
    Medium is the clear preference!

    I didn't spend much time at the store carrying the medium as I thought it was too small and the chain length too short. I enjoyed wearing the Jumbo because of the crossbody feature and I could see myself wearing as an everyday mom and work bag.

    Yesterday I wanted a red shw medium cav and today I think a black ghw med cav would be a good date night/special occasion/first Chanel flap so I don't have to worry about color transfer.

    Waiting and hunting is sometimes more exhilarating than the having so I'm going to be good and wait. I'm going to Paris in 2 months and will try to get a bag at the flagship to save on VAT. I hope the experience will be fun and that they will have the size, hardware and color I want in stock!

    Thanks for the input!
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  5. Fantastic tip! Thanks, @Ana_bananas !
  6. Genius!!!
  7. You're tall but still the med, it looks fabulous on you
  8. Definitely the medium :smile:
  9. The medium suites you well
  10. Medium suits you better! The Jumbo looks too big / long to be worn crossbody.
  11. The medium looks nice on you.
  12. You have a petite build, definitely the medium.
  13. Looking, having trouble finding. Is A7 the brand? TIA
  14. Memobottle A7 water flask
    Try typing that into Amazon search. They’ll show A6 and A7.... the A6 is a larger size. Hope that helps.
  15. I voted medium because it looks like you want to wear it long single strap. I think the medium looks good single strap and jumbo double strap. Jumbo is too large/bulky to look good as a long shoulder bag or crossbody.