Which one - Legacy or Daphne?

  1. Hi ladies,

    What do you think? Legacy (the first one) or Daphne?


  2. i personally like the legacy better, but i think a lot of it depends on whether you prefer shoudler bags or hand held bags......
  3. I think the Legacy is the prettier of the two bags.
  4. 1st one overall. I like the shoulder strap design of the 1st one, but like the pocket/buckle design of the second one.
  5. Legacy for sure!
  6. legacy hands down!
  7. Legacy !

    Here's a picture of Mandy Moore carrying it at the Mont Blanc event.

  8. Legacy
  9. The Legacy is HUGE, but I like it much better than the Daphne.
  10. I like them both! Hm. Maybe the Daphne (for me, because I like the hint of baby blue in the stitching).
  11. legacy
  12. Legacy!! The Daphne looks too big and awkward to hand carry.
  13. ^ agreed. the daphne's pretty large for a handheld. i say legacy.
  14. legacy