which one? lambskin or caviar

  1. i am debating b/w a flap in caviar vs. lambskin. is the lambskin too delicate that i will feel afraid to use it? Do you think the medium flaps look just as good in the caviar? Are they just as dressy?
  2. I think everyone is afraid of the lambskin in the beginning and once you get it - you realize it is not that hard to take care of. But the caviar is really the best - if you don't want any fuss at all. Yes, caviar looks good on the med flap. I have a med flap both in the white and black caviar - love them.
  3. I think it really depends what color you're thinking of getting! If it's a lighter color e.g. beige, white then definitely go for the caviar cuz it's much easier to maintain. Otherwise I think caviar and lambskin are both charming in their own ways... caviar is feels so fresh and sturdy, while the lambskin is so lux and delicate. You can't go wrong with either!! :yes:
  4. Lambskin is really a lot more resilient than people think. If you have spent any time on eBay looking at vintage flap bags you will note that about 95% of them are lambskin and they have held up very nicely.
  5. My friend just got a lambskin classic flap and she said it's not "that" difficult to take care of. Get it!! It's a great piece!
  6. LAMBSKIN - the caviar is too hard and boxy in my opinion. The Lambskin is not as fragile as I thought it would be if you keep your nails short, it is just prone to creases but I think that gives it a vintage look.
  7. I wuld prefer caviar since i have a red lambskin, it's true that the leather is more delicate as compared to caviar. I rather get something that is not easily worry over the scratches.
  8. i love flaps in caviar :yes:
  9. lambskin please :yes:
  10. Caviar for sure. It holds its shape better and you can wipe things easily off of it. I've heard way too many stories about lambskin bags getting stains that can't be wiped off and getting scratched the first day.
  11. It's true my lambskin got creased and small scratches straight away but if you rub some scratches with your finger, they go away. I still say lambskin for the luxury of it.