Which one ladies, help me pick

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  1. I cannot pick between these two, want a fun bag for summer. Like them both.

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  2. The red one because it's different. Very cute and fun for the summer.
  3. Two different bags! Well, I like tote styles so I pick that one.

    The dots are on coated canvas there?

  4. Yup, coated canvas.
  5. Polka dots! Love it and that style for summer. :sunshine:
  6. I just saw the red dots bag today at the local Coach store. It's a fun and pretty bag for summer.
  7. Dots..........:smile:.......pretty color.
  8. The red one.
  9. Did you check the size difference though? The tote on the Coach site is larger than the dot tote in the department stores. And the other bag you show seems smaller to me. I just bought the dot tote from Coach, and think it is super cute, but it is fairly large, so is truly a tote for most people (not a handbag).
  10. Polka dots! Adorable!
  11. Red dots!
  12. DOTS!!!!! :jammin:
  13. Thank you everyone! I bought it with it's matching wristlet/wallet and a scarf!
  14. Congrats ! Great choice , enjoy ! Pictures, maybe ...:yes: