Which One? Kooba or Hayden Harnett?

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  1. Okay, thanks to everyone for their feedback on the Kate Spade Bexley! After thinking about it, I've decided not to get it because I have found other bags that I like even more! (Isn't that always the case?) Anyway, I found two that I really like and I can't decide between them . . . so let me know what you think. Should I get the Kooba or Hayden Harnett bag?



    Hayden Harnett
  2. I've never seen a Hayden Harnett, but own a kooba. I have the lucy which is similar to the one you have pictured. I love it. So Kooba gets the vote from me!
  3. I've never seen a Hayden Harnett either...although I like them both, I would choose the Kooba.
  4. the way that Kooba looks isn't doing much for me...I like the HH.
  5. Hayden Harnett
  6. I am a new Hayden Harnett fan - (I ordered one) and I think it is a design house that is going to be very big - They get my vote.
  7. 0o0o0 i totally love the second one! :smile:
  8. You know I kept hearing all this talk about HH and never knew of their designs. Let me just say I am quite intriqued by the 2nd one. I'd go for the 2nd one even though this was a really tough decision! Biting my nails for you!
  9. I like both but I say the Kooba.
  10. Hayden Harnett
  11. I have that Kooba in green, and I just ordered the Hayden-Hartnett is Mulberry. I will let you know when I get the HH. I love the Kooba though, very soft. I must say though, I think the copies of this bag or other less-expensive bags are just as good. This is a bit over-priced in my opinion.
  12. HH all the way, they have beautiful summer colours.
  13. I like the 2nd one better.
  14. I have an HH. One thing I can say about them is HH has incredibly soft leather, even better than the Kooba. I think the HH bag will be a fun bag. I particularly like it in the mustard yellow color!

    The one thing Kooba does better than HH is put better structure into their bags. It retains the shape better, but for the design you're going for, I don't think it'll be a problem with HH.
  15. I *love* really soft leather, so everyone's comments about HH's soft leather is swaying me in that direction. I also really like the white HH bag, but I don't know if it's as practical than the luggage colored one above. I think I'd have a harder time matching the white to outfits. However, I already have a cognac colored Moni bag, so it may be redundant to get another bag of a similar color. Decisions, decisions! :wacko: Which color do you guys think looks better?