Which one is your Queen of the H's?

Feb 18, 2008
I was just reading through Oregonfanlisa's thread on her Amethyst Alligator Birkin and one tpfr mentioned that she is the "queen" of her H handbags. Which one is your "QUEEN"? This may not be the bag that you use the most, or even your favorite bag...but she is your most revered and difficult bag to get. We all have them, and it doesn't need to be an exotic. I guess I am bored....at home this week. I am not a good stay at home anything!:roflmfao:


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Dec 16, 2006
hmmmm...I think it's a tie between my vintage 35 barenia/toile sellier Kelly with GHW, and my vintage tricolor 35 togo retourne Kelly with ruthenium HW.

If the Queen was my current fave go-to bag, it would be my raisin Kelly SO.

I do NOT have a life that is even remotely suited to exotics.


Aug 17, 2008
I guess it's my clemance black birkin 35cm GHW. The reason being if something happened to her I would want it replaced immediately. The hardware could be different but I want I will always want a black birkin. I'd feel really bad if something happened to my black one. It's my first, my oldest, and I don't wear her as much as I wear my other two now, I'm sort of "saving her". Which is stupid, my SA said, use her, she can go to spa.

I felt like that on wednesday when I had to stay home all day. I understand Hermesmoney, I hope all is well.


Dec 21, 2006
Black clemence 35 with PH, without a doubt. When I die, I am leaving all my other bags to my sister and friends, but this one is going with me to the "other side"

I am joking of course, I realize I cant take it with me, of course. No need to, either. They have plenty of birkins up there.


Jun 14, 2008
Yes of course my briase poro GH birkin. my first croc birkin. the color I chosed in the first place was not the red,although me and DH both love red. the getting LQYB a B-day gift mission in croc involved a) a good DH's support,b)a good SA who really is a good SA.c)friendship..sound a little complicated but someone like me do not live near any H store...a great story behind it.


Feb 1, 2007
My 32cm natural barenia HAC with PHW. It's the "old" barenia and I don't see too many of those around anymore. I always feel excited every time I use it. Just feels special to me.

But the matriarch of my H family is my new (to me) vintage black box sellier Kelly GHW. Classic and timeless and somehow commands a bit of reverance. She's older than I am and if I can hold up as well as she at her age, I will be very, very lucky!


Jul 7, 2008
My 28cm Rouge H Ostrich Kelly. She's quite young at 20/21 years old. I'm a bit scared to use her and when I do, it's always special.:heart:

gga: I would love to see your vintage 35cm barenia/ toile Kelly as I'm thinking of getting one but am worried how toile will look like over time. And if possible, your tri-colour Kelly in ruthenium HW. Sorry, I'm greedy. :drool:
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