Which one is your most favourite piece of LV luggage?

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  1. hi all gorgeous :yes: this is my first time to post in the forum hehe :yahoo:

    i am planning to get a LV luggage.. but i dunno which one to get.. just too many gorgeous chocies out there... i would love a damier azur keepall 45.. however they do not make such a size...
  2. my favorite LV luggage is keepall. I have it in mono, MC and cerises. Next on my list is an Azur keepall.
  3. yes... the azur keepall is absolutely TDF :tup:

    can u carry the keepalls with you on the flight? i am actually just looking for the hand-carry luggage... i doubt if i dare to check in my LV luggage ~ LOL ~
  4. The Keepall, in all LV flavors...lol!
  5. my first and only piece of luggage so far is the Monogram Carryall. it makes a great weekend bag and it has a beautiful design.

  6. I love the Carryall and the Keepalls
  7. hi yeuxhonnetes thanks for your pic :smile: when i was in the LV store, the girl showed me the carryall too... i like how its size can be a travel luaage or a weekend bag... coz it is not like very very big... that's why i am looking at the keepall 45 too... i would love to use the bag not just when travelling ~~

    but too bad both of them only come in monogram... and i have quite a few monogram pieces at home already :Push:
  8. Pegase 60 it's a dream to travel with even stuffed it is so light and easy to pull along
  9. Grimmaud, it's damier so no worries about stains, and it's really neat since you can stack your things inside upright ! :yes:

    I'm also a big fan of the alma voyage, a less common bag, so you'll prolly be the only one you'll see with one !
  10. ^ the travel sized damier ribera is really nice too if you want unique
  11. Hi i have the keepall in mono it's a great bag!
  12. I love the keepall, mine is a reall trooper it has been on a lot of long and trying trips! But I do really admire the carryall posted by yeuxhonnetes, that is for sure on my wish list it is just a little more updated than my keepall. But my all time favorite, not useful but I just adore them are the hat boxes, uncertain of the proper name, I don't think that helps with your question, but in all truth that is my favorite piece of luggage!
  13. i know that under the carryall it is the hard base.. with the studs at the bottom.. however the keepall have a very soft base... i am afraid it will sag like a speedy if i put things inside :Push:

    so for those who has a keepall.. how do you prevent the sagging (if there is any)??
  14. My Sac Polochon Avec Bandouliere. It's been discontinued for quite some time which just adds to the uniqueness. It is bigger than the Keepall 60 and because of the cylindrical shape it can hold a lot.
  15. I LOVE my keepall 50 in DAMIER!