which one is your favourite LV sunnies and in what colour?

  1. Thx
  2. soupcon gm in dark glitter honey
  3. obsession carre in teal.

  4. Fav Styles:
    Soupcon rond
    Obsession hexagon

    Fav Colours:
    Light Honey Glitter
  5. Even though I have the white cruise glasses from 2 years ago and the Soupcon rond in armarante....my favorite are:

    Obsession Square Sunglasses, Dark Tortoise!!!


    But they are so close to my Chanel Tortoise ones, I couldn't justify them.
  6. Hi, can you model your soupcon rond ones by any chance pls? Thanks a bunch!
  7. The ones I am going to try and get today are the Soupcon in Light Glitter Honey. I also like the same style in the Black, Dark Tortoise, and Light Tortoise.
  8. Soupcon in Dark Tortoise :smile: They're on the top of my list at the moment, but sold out at my local boutique.
  9. ^^^ oh and btw, i LOVE glitter-ness on this sunny.....it is such a pretty color~!
  10. I am sooooo confused. I have the black soupcon, which is fab. I bought the honey glitter obsession carre this weekend. This afternoon, I say Billy Zane and Kelly Brook. She had the honey glitter soupcon rond sunnies on and they looked amazing. What I like about the soupcon series is the gorgeous gold detail on the side. Plus, I am a bit sick and tired of seeing huge sunglasses everywheren although obsession carre is not that big. Tell me lovelies, should I exchange the carre for soupcon rond? Decisions, decisions...
  11. My favourites at the moment are evidence in Bordeaux. =)
  12. <---Desmayo....beautiful.
  13. I have the soupcon GM in glitter honey and love them. I like the style so much that I'm thinking of picking up the tortoise the next time I go shopping.
  14. The Obsession Square in black and the Black frame with Amarante Lens.