which one is your favourite LV agenda and in what size?

  1. I have a large black epi, a medium monogram and a small red epi. I currently use the large one as I take notes in it in the office as well. However, it is not very portable unless I am travelling for work. Medium monogram is too generic and a number of colleagues use it, so I don't like using mine. I really like the small red vernis and am considering getting it (or maybe the medium). I'm just worried that th medium red vernis will be a bit too flashy/in your face. Those of you who work in an office environment/banking which one do you find the most practical/professional looking? And those of you who don't, still tell me your fave agenda pls! Thx.
  2. my one and only blue monogram groom small agenda...
    and I wan't to get a large Damier one...
  3. The two most professional looking agendas IMO:

    -Black Suhali Agenda

    -Black Epi Agenda

    My one and only agenda is my Pocket Agenda which I use daily... what would I do without it. :sweatdrop:
  4. My small Panda agenda is my favorite. I also have a blue Epi mini agenda.
  5. The one I have: the medium Plum Suhali.
  6. Hi, is it possible to see a pic of your pocket agenda pls? Thanks!
  7. I am using Monogram Agenda PM :wlae::wlae:
  8. I am using I mono...
    none of my colleagues have one.
  9. I'm looking for an agenda too......I think there are new styles coming out in the next few months....so I'll wait....
  10. I have the koala mandarin lined agenda~ I use it for everything. It fits in all my bags and it kepps all my evaluations/meetings etc. Small...but VERY functional:tup:
  11. my one and only is a monogram desk agenda. i dont like button flaps, so it's no frills, no fuss. just open and jot. i can't do the small ones.. my hand's are too big. and none of my colleagues have one, so i'm fine. :smile:
  12. ita. i use a pocket agenda- it can fit in even my small bags. i love it. i use to want a large agenda- but the are so bulky.
  13. I have the red groom.
  14. I have the small monogram koala, but if they would make the medium agenda with a koala clasp and pink lining I would buy it immediately.
  15. I have the pomme small agenda and it's my favorite. It is flashy but since its small, it not "too" flashy. I also like the mono kaola agendas. They are also very cute.