Which one is your favorite??

  1. [​IMG]

  2. i like the second ones more but they are both nice. the first look nice and soft
  3. I vote for the 1st one. Looks very much like a pair of Express I own. Very comfy looking denim!
  4. Second!
  5. the second one
  6. first one.
  7. 2nd. But both look nice to me.
  8. Second.
  9. I like the second one.
  10. Second one!
  11. I agree!
  12. talking from my side which is a girl who looks terrible in flares :p i'm not into both LOL

    but... if i could ever wear one, i would go for the 2nd one. i don't like the washed in the 1st one, it's like an undone washed
  13. Second!
  14. second!
  15. Second one!