Which one is your favorite Mousse or Jeans Moyen?

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  1. Hello..I'm thinking of getting a chloe paddy, but I can't decide on which color should I get. I like to use it everyday, and look greats in jeans or other casual clothes.. So, it came down to two choices, mousse (dove) or jeans moyen? What do you guys think about these 2 colors? Please give me your opinions on which color do you like best ... TIA!!

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  2. i like the mousse because it's really neutral and would go with anything, plus it has silver hardware......i remember reading that some of the ladies had problems with the gold on their hardware peeling
  3. mousse, I love the silver hardware. I've been rough on the silver lock on my metallic anthracite and theres not a mark on it
  4. I have a mousse big pocket for sale/trade if you are interested. Brand new...pics on my earlier post.
  5. Mousse!
  6. I have the mousse paddy and have been using it for a week and love it.

    I can wear it with everything in my wardrobe, it is highly functional for me - I am very happy with this color choice. Funny too, to me it is definitley grey/green - to my hubby he insists it is blue/grey. :blink:

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  7. lovely bag you have, loganz... how is the silver lock, is it easy to get scratch? btw, where did you get it & how much? if you don't mind answering... TIA
  8. The lock won't scratch it is silver with no coating, so technically there is no finish to scratch off -

    I bought it from Chloe South Coast Plaza, they faxed me an order form and I faxed it back to them with a copy of my CC and DL and they shipped me a bag. The bag retails at $1540 and I paid $20 for 2 day air shipping. If I had bought this bag at Neiman's I would have had to pay sales tax, which would have been an additional $78; so, buying from the Chloe store spared me the tax charges.

    The bag was in perfect condition...I am very happy with this bag.
  9. So jealous of your mousse! My return was finally released by customs :weird: LVR should have it by monday (I hope)
  10. Loganz, your mousse paddy is great. I have been going back through old threads and I noticed that you have an anthracite (metallic) paddy too. I'm considering an anthracite purchase. Do you like the mousse more than your anthracite? Is the anthracite functional as an everyday bag?
  11. I think you can wear both with casual clothes. You really can't go wrong with either color. I have the jeans moyen and use it with everything I wear. Good luck.

    ETenebris, why are you putting your paddy up for sale?:sad: It's such a great bag.

  12. You can trust me for the Honest opinion:

    I bought the anthra because I am a sucker for silver hardware and NOT a gold gal. I have an amazing anthra paddy the leather is the best that I have seen - the bag is perfect in every way - however, I have used it twice.
    For me, in Colorado, it is too flashy for my surroundings. I personally love it - but, it stands out too much in my environment.
    I tried to sell it on Ebay but, I was not willing to sell it for less than retail considering it is brand new, perfect, and gorgeous.
    After getting low-balled like you would not believe I just decided to keep it in its dustbag as a reminder of what instant gratification gets me.

    To be honest, if you are comfortable with your bag getting a lot of attention then go for it - the 2 times I took this bag out people were gushing on it.
    Oh, and if you still really want one I would still love to sell mine, since I could turn that sale into something that would not camp out in my closet. PM me if interested, we can talk.
  13. I LOVE the color of the first one.
  14. Thanks, Loganz. I PMed you.
  15. The big pocket is a little bigger than what I need. So if I can sell it (or trade it) I will get a medium pocket instead. :smile: