Which one is your favorite? Gioco or Zucca?

  1. Well, Zuccas are 184 dollars and the gioco one is 160 dollars. Why is the Zucca one more expensive? (i don't mind paying more for zucca but just want to know why) Also, personally which one do you like better? Zucca or Gioco? I think I like Zucca better because its easier to open than gioco because when gioco is on my shoulder its harder to open. But gioco is cute also. So which one do you like better for most of the time and why? ;)
  2. I have had 2 Giocos (one Inferno and the other one Paradiso) and have sold both. I try to like it but I cant.:nogood:.. I :heart::heart::heart: Zuccas. I own 4. It just looks better on IMO. The Gioco looks weird. It's like a hot dog bun purse. The Zucca has a beautiful shape and it holds it but the Gioco is just folded fabric that if it doesn't have enough things in it it looks deflated. But that's just my opinion. There is many people that love Giocos, I'm just not one of them..:p.. I wish I was though because its cheaper then the Zucca and it had more print... :push::yes:
  3. I like both!
  4. I have several of both. I definately prefer the Zucca. The Gioco is difficult to open, has alot of "loose" fabric inside and things seem to slide all around in them. Zucca holds alot, keeps it shape and I like how the prints look on the rounded shape of the Zucca.
  5. I prefer the way the Zucca looks, but I have to lug baby stuff around, and for that I prefer a Gioco. I think a Zucca looks better with less stuff in it and a Gioco looks better with a LOT of stuff in it so it doesn't get that weird deflated look another poster mentioned.
  6. I think i'm in the minority because i love gioco's (i have 4), Zucca's are cute but the straps tend to slip off of my shoulder so....
  7. i love zuccas, they are my favorite style by far.

    but i've been wanting a gioco for soooooo long now!
    they're so cute to me.
  8. I prefer the Zuccas. Giocos are not as nice in person. But go to your local Macy's and check them both out side by side!
  9. I dunno if this helps but I do it anyway... lol


  10. danelys, i LOVE that gioco!
  11. or maybe you've sold it, since i don't see it in your signature...
    well, i still love it. haha.
  12. ^^ lol yes I sold it.. I loved the placement too but I just couldnt fall for the Gioco.. I wish I could like it but I cant..lol... anyhow thanks.. :tup:
  13. I love the zuccas. I tried on both at macy's before i bought my first toki, and the gioco did feel like a giant hot dog bun under my arm. The zuccas imo don't seem so bulky and hold thier shape nicely no matter how much you carry. And it's so much easier to find stuff in a zucca without all that fabric getting in the way
  14. I like zuccas :biggrin:

    im kind of torn on giocos... i like the way they look... but dont like really like the way it feels on me :x *shrugs*
  15. I like giocos better... I have one zucca and three giocos..