which one is your fave LV wallet (if possible w/pics pls)

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  1. Thanks :smile:
  2. Of what I own? or of what I like...? lol

    SS06 Charms Pochette Porte-Monnaie in Fushia

    Other likes:
    Vernis French Purse in Framboise (only)
    Vernis Pochette Porte-Monnaie in Amarante (only)
    MC French Purse in White (only)
    MC Cozy in White (only)
  3. the only wallet i've ever liked is the Eugenie, which is one of the newest styles. it's available in Monogram, Epi and Multicolore



  4. I like the Compact Zippe and the Porte Tresor International or Pochette wallet in Vernis:

    Compact Zippe:

    Pochette Wallet:

    Porte Tresor International:
  5. Is there any LV wallet that has plastic pockets? You know, to protect important cards.
  6. I only have one and love it: ludlow: it's small but it fits all I need and it goes easily in my pochettes

    PICT1294 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1292 (Medium).JPG
  7. eugeine or zippy wallet!
  8. PTI is my favorite!
  9. i only have one and i love how it fits nicely in my hand.

  10. I don't have any pictures but my favorite wallets are the Multicolore PTI and the Multicolore Zippy.
  11. I love my Koalas


    though someday I'd like to get a pochette wallet...
  12. I love my Mono Zippy wallet.
  13. Are you sure that the Eugenie exists in Multicolore?? Because my SA didn't show it to me in the store and I can't find it on the website...
    If it exists, I HAVE to have one! :nuts:
  14. I love the vernis Zippy.
  15. I love the zippy, but those Koalas are gorge! I want one in pomme or amarante.