Which one is the right new red?

  1. Now that March is coming..I'd like to finalise my decision whether to get the new red Classic Flap..
    My question is..does anyone know which one of the pics(1st, 2nd or 3rd pic??) previously posted by the tpf members here is the closest to the new red? Cos I saw on the 3rd pic (from the mag) the colour is very deep red and others not.. So I'm just wondering if it's just the magazine printing..:confused1:

    Secondly..besides being scratch-prone, does anyone know if lambskin in red would show stains easily?

    Thank you in advance..
    Cheers! :smile:
    ChaneltrunkSP07014.jpg chanel03.jpg Chanel%20red%20flap02.JPG
  2. I want to say the third one but I am not sure. Either way red is going to be gorgeous! I know lambskin scratches VERY easily...even from just a nick of a fingernail, yikes! Good luck!!!!
  3. Skinny,

    Yeah, I wld love if it's the 3rd one too!! It's the most gorgeous red of all 3 pics!!:love:
  4. [​IMG]

    Well, I'm the one who posted that pic from In Style. It was tiny in the magazine, but I blew it way up so we all could see the bag. It's hard to know how accurate the color is because of the printing process. I might be more inclined to think that the IRL photos are closer to the true red. (Reds can be so tough to photograph, in any event. It pays to see it yourself, if you can.)
  5. Lucky girl...hope you get it! I would love to have a red one!!! What size were you thinking of getting?
  6. I am thinking to get the Large..
    But if the jumbo in red looks good on me this time, then I'll might take jumbo..:p
  7. Even though I like the deeper tones better, I am guessing that the first photo is closer to the real thing since it is IRL, but even so that one was probably taken w/ flash and that distorts color. Magazines photoshop/edit everything for the best visual so colors can be really hard to judge . . . but I bet it is a gorgeous bag although you're right w/ lambskin it will need lots of TLC :heart: post pix if you get it!
  8. True..true..red can be tough to photograph..:yes:
    I guess the best for me to know is to see the bag in person once it's out..
    But I hate the thought of entering there leaving empty-handed should it not be the red that I like.. That's the reason why I prefer to try find out first which is the closest tone..:p
  9. I still wouldn't mind if it's the 1st pic..cos it's still slightly deep tone - tho not as deep as on the 3rd pic..which is super-gorgeous!:heart:
    But then again, yeah you are right.. Magazine usually do alot of editing to have the best visual..

    The red on the 2nd pic is the one I like least cos I don't really like "orangey-red".. Just my opinion..:p
  10. I hope it's the deep red...so gorgeous.
  11. hmm, maybe it is all three? it probably would just depend on the lighting perhaps?
  12. aren't all 3 pics the same bag? is there more than 1 new red lambskin flap color coming mar 1?
  13. I believe they are all the same bag; she is just trying to determine which pic is the most-accurate representation of the red color.
  14. i would have to say picture #1. i have seen it and indeed its a beautiful color of a trye red with blue undertones. the chain on it is unbelievably stunning. its was caught my eye. i am definitely waitlisted and will definitely get one as to i have been on the hunt for a true red for a very long time. i have selected the caviar leather. while the color shows better on the lambskin, lambskin does scratch easily and will show stains too. on the caviar leather, it is sooo durable and i will not have to worry about babying the bag. the leather choice is really a matter of preference.
    let us know what you decide on. best of luck to you.
  15. Thanks Cosmopolitan, :smile:
    that's exactly what I was going to say to answer to absolutanne..:yes:

    Now you got me all excited!!
    I would love to get it if it's like in pic 1..:nuts:
    I should call Chanel tomorrow!:wlae: