Which One Is The Real Beige In Gst

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  1. Hi All,

    I just saw this posted in the library and it was described as the Beige Grand Shopping Tote (far left hand side). I posted a thread about this before and was told that the beige coloure was the one in the Petite Shopper (second picture).

    Please help which one is which.




  2. The one I always see in the 2nd one - the color of the Petit.
  3. my grand shopper is light beige and the shade varies from year to year
    the bottom pic petit one is the beige chanel makes every season
  4. i wanted to ask the exact same question and even tried to pm Yorelica ^_^
    her mail box was full and i'm so happy i found this post!

    Yorelica, please please read this and share with us if we can find the light beige again? i love this creamy shade of the GST - darker than the stark white and much lighter than the caramel. ( i really don't think the normal one can be considered beige)

    many many thanks