which one is the most feminine bag from LV monogram?

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  1. I vote for Boulogne and Petit Noe:wlae:
  2. Your votes we´re my votes :biggrin: The noe especially.
  3. Mizi !
  4. I vote Mizi too.
  5. mizi is discontinued... any more votes??
  6. Theda looks very feminine to me
  7. i like the Klara and the Manhattan PM
  8. The ellipse is the most feminine IMO, or the mini looping.
  9. Ellipse and retro.
  10. The Klara, Leonor, and Theda
  11. tulum pm
  12. Mono mizi!:love: Too bad it's discontinued.:sad:
  13. ellipse, alma and papillon
  14. Klara
  15. I actually think the sonatine is very feminine b/c it is a "clutch like shape" with the handles....but it's decently sized so you can probably put a good amount of crap inside.