which one is the classiest bag in the whole collection?

  1. pick one only (include the pattern)!

    for once i'm picking something from the monogram line..

    the trouville :yes: for some reason i don't feel the speedy or pap is the classiest looking one!
  2. hmmm..as far as classiest..that's hard.. :smile:

    i'm going for Alma..but hey, thats just IMO
  3. Suhali Le Fab hands down. It screams class. IMO.
  4. Suhali Lockit in white
  5. Suhali L'Epanoui GM in white (because i have it :lol:). i used to think it was the Le Fabuleux, but the hardware is just a bit too much
  6. I think the Monogram Alma is the most elegant of all the LV bags.
  7. Yeah... I agree with Mich... the Suhali Le Fab is the leader IMO. :yes:
  8. I agree with Sandra, her white L'Ep is stunning & it made me *swoon* the first time she posted pics of it.
  9. Great minds think alike. Hehe.
  10. the suhali l'epanoui lead the rest!! :queen:
  11. I'd say Mono Alma, if I had to pick a classic.

    But as the most elegant, I'd say suhali lockit MM in black.
  12. They also party hardcore. :lol:
  13. I also think the Monogram Canvas Theda GM is a classy bag... :drool:
  14. i'd say.... a Cuir Exotique Alma in black alligator :yes: but more realistically, a black Suhali L'Epanoui PM or Lockit.
  15. i'll say the Epi Alma in black.