Which one is the best? Please, help

  1. I need to buy a new wallet and I got some in my mind. Here is the photo and which one is the best. Please, help

    Thanks in advance!

    This is the first one and more will coming
  2. This is the 2nd one
  3. Here is the 3rd
  4. i like the third the best!
  5. My sis like the 1st, my boyfriend like the 2nd one and my mom think the 3rd one is better.

  6. my vote goes for the 1st one! i love the chain detail and it can double as a wristlet :yes:

    and then the 3rd one next
  7. Thanks Jen...very quick answer and always around forum. Great!
  8. I love the modern chain details on the first one! My vote goes for first. I like the zippy style too.
  9. Ohhh!! You choose the most expensive one :p
  10. I like the 3rd one first and then the 1st second and second one last
  11. I personally prefer 3rd!!!

    But overall they all look great so enjoy anyone that you pick!
  12. They're beautiful though!!!
  13. That's a tough one, I'm in between the 2nd or 3rd one. They're all beautiful!
  14. I like the first one too!!!
  15. First one is gorgeous!! I was going to buy it to match my MC flap...but yes, that one is costly!