Which one is the BEST outlet in Cali??

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I'm going with a nephew to Disneyland and I thought "why not go by the outlets:graucho:"

    So since we ALL have SOMETHING in common here...
    If I was looking for an out that had a nice "selection of *ahem*:graucho:"

    Which one should I head to??? Can you post a few options since I know some of them are MUCH further away from Disney...


    P.s. you know we're addicts if I didn't mention any particular product but we it instinctively had it come to mind....
  2. Skip Camarillo and Carlsbad... Go to Desert Hills!! Hello Gucci and Dior outlet!!
  3. Yeah Carlsbad is not that great. I didn't even find anything good there last time.
  4. I agree!! :tup:
  5. another vote for the desert hills premium outlets...and in case you need more reasons: true religion, theory, club monaco, juicy, among many more! :tup:
  6. Definitely Desert Hills/Cabazon if you want to hit designer outlets. Gucci, Dior, Ferragamo, True Religion, Off 5th, Barneys, Prada/Miu Miu (Space), Tod's, Theory, Bottega Veneta...

    It's at least an hour's drive from Anaheim, but soooo worth it.
  7. Desert hills is good. If you are going to be in Northern CA, the Gilroy Outlets and the Great Mall can be hit or miss.
  8. One more vote for desert hills.
  9. Desert Hills!!
  10. Definitely Desert Hills/Cabazon! There's literally something for everyone!!
  11. definitely cabazon. if you're in the LA area, I guess you can stop by LA Citadel. I work right by there, so I just go to stop by max azria, bcbg... you only need an hour there.
  12. must go:CABAZON/Dessert Hills!!!
  13. YAY! thanks everyone!! ...just to make sure...desert hill is the same as cabazon??

    THANKS EVERYONE!! I knew I could depend on you guys to "read" my mind LOL!!
  14. I'm in San Bernardino right now for work, so I've gone out to the Cabazon outlets twice in the last couple weeks (the ones by me in AZ are nothing special). I totally recommend them... I've gotten amazing stuff and each time I saw a lot of different items in the Coach, Gucci, and Space (Prada/Miu Miu) shops. The Theory shop was closed by the time I got to it, so I'm pondering another trip out... :smile: