Which one is still hot?

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  1. Hi,
    I am in a dilemia, For winter season, should I buy the Balenciga Motrocyle bag, Chloe python silverado, or just go classic and buy another LV. Which one do you guys love? Or are these already going out of style?:biggrin: Thanks!

    Leaning towards Balenciaga, but theres alot of celebs sporting it! What do you guys think?
  2. I'm really in love with the Chloe Silverado right now! I love my paddy but if I could have it my way, I'd get one of each!!!!
  3. I would go with the Silverado - I think Balenciagas are going out and another LV is just too safe of a choice.
  4. I really like the python silverado, never been a Balenciaga fan. I'd go with the Silverado or another LV.
  5. I have so many LV's and it's getting pretty boring. :unsure: If you have 4+ LV's already rock a different one for a change. I'd go with the Chloe Python Silverado. :idea: Balenciaga is nice too, but like LV it's coming to an age where everyone has one :suspiciou (well not everyone...but you know what I mean...:embarasse ).

    Plus I luv the Chloe Python Silverado's details!!! It's very pretty too! :love:
  6. Definitely a Silverado. It's been picking up strongly and is a bag that will give you joy for a long time, while never being boring. Not to mention, the material and crafting on the bag are outstanding.
  7. Clean sweep for the Silverado!! Are you gonna get it?? :love:
  8. :love: Hehe, I went to the Galleria today, and I strolled into Saks, thinking, what the heck, they might have a cute purse... Low and Behold, Fendi Spy bags available!!! I asked the counter assistant which ones were not on pre-order, it's either the white, or Fendi FF plastered every-where. That or I am going on a trip to San Antonio, which also runs through Austin, so I have a great chance in getting one, never less my honey will get it for my b-day. If their isn't any, I'm going for the Silverado!Wish me luck!:biggrin: Do you think it's a good choice???
  9. Krissy what part of Tx are u from?
  10. Dallas:biggrin:
  11. Spy bags are cool, we have some available here too. There is one @ the Ala Moana store thats only 1 of 2 in the entire country. Brown coated leather with these purple handles, really unique. Good price too $2040. I'm on the waitlist for the hologram spy hobo though, so I passed on that one, but if it matched more things in my wardrobe I'd have been all over it!
  12. Black, or brown, if I am paying this much for a purse, it's going to match everything!!! I don't know of any stores besides Saks, I'm kinda of new to my town. Would Nieman Marcus have anything in stock???
  13. Anyone have a picture of these Spy bags. I'm curious.
  14. Krissy, i'm from Texas too!!!!!!!! (Houston)
  15. :smile: Moved here for the semester in my internship, but Texas is too big!!! I am moving back to Florida Christmas semester...then my apartment rates...car insurance and everything else will go back up in price... so that means not as many lovely purses... :sad2: But ohh well!!! Fendi? Where you in the Galveston Hurricane problem???