Which one is staying home with mommy and which one is going back?

  1. I would DEFINITELY go with the 1st one, the duffle shaped bag. I have a bag similar in shape and I LOVE it.... The longer shape makes it super easy to find stuff in it.
  2. It depends on what you're using it for. I like the second one better since the first one seemed to wide when it's completely stuffed. Plus, the first one seems more for travelling to me, maybe because it's more of a duffle shape.

    Both are beautiful though, but I like the second one!
  3. I like the first, easier to find stuff in!!
  4. I like the second, not as long (wide). JMO :smile:
  5. I like the 2nd one better...but they are both cute.
  6. i like the second one better too for the same reason that telicious stated. they're both nice bags, but the first one seems too wide. it might be uncomfortable to carry particularly if you're like me and have this tendency to carry around a lot of stuff even though you never use it, but have it "just in case."
  7. When I originally bought the 2nd one listed (the tote), my plan was to use it as a work tote/handbag. When I bought the first one (the wider one), I fell in love with the shape. The satchel style is really popular right now and I felt that maybe I would get more use out of it since it's not as big as the tote. The satchel version is even big enough to also use as a work bag. I'm so confused...:confused1:
  8. 1st one! I like the shape better.
  9. Ditto
  10. I would keep the first!
  11. I would keep the second bag.
  12. I think the first is more confortable for carrying things with the shoulder strap, but I like the look of the second one better. If its to carry stuff I would say 1 but if its for lookin' cool I prefer 2.
  13. Thank you everyone for all of your opinions! It's pretty much neck and neck as far as which one I should keep. I'll keep checking back to see if one wins over the other...:tup:
  14. i vote the 2nd one, love the shape