which one is more worth in the long run? pls helpp

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  1. I'm in dilemma and really need your advise.. I'm choosing between the brown bubble quilt or brown jumbo flap with mademoiselle lock. I will attach picture. I need this bag for everyday use and also can bring it when I travel..IMO both are not trendy bags so I think I can have it for a long time without being dated, is that so?? give me your input pleasee... I can't buy both since they are the same color and also I don't have money tree :crybaby:but after all..life is about making choices right?..hehehe..so please help me...thanksss. As of today, for everyday use, I have classic jumbo black caviar and XL vintage flap.

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  2. oooooo, that's a tough one! i :heart: both!

    the BQ will definitely hold more and it is easier to access items from. but the jumbo flap is a bit more classic looking and you have the option to wear it on your shoulders or cross-body (i think).

    do you have a preference for gold or silver HW?
  3. no preference..i also :love: both.. that's why can't make decision.. love the BQ with gold.. but don't mind either with the flap with silver h/w hehehe...:graucho:
  4. They are both beautiful bags, but I personally prefer the bubble quilt.
  5. If u already have the jumbo flap, then get the bubble one. At least one of each style, so u don't get tired of it. And then when your money tree grows, haha, you can get the jumbo flap in brown, they are classic and will always be there, just that your tree has to grow as fast and as high to reach it.

    I tried on the bubble one the other day, love how it feels, and it's definitely an everyday bag.
  6. I would definitely say BQ! it hold more and it's very casual, a totaly everyday bag!
  7. ITA. :tup:
  8. if u have alot of flaps already...go for the bubble quilt, it would suit more for travelling and its really cute.
  9. Since you have a jumbo flap the bubble would be a nice change. Both are beautiful.
  10. for a brown bag, the BQ looks best in that color
  11. I actually think the brown jumbo flap can withstand the test of time. However, if you already have any type of jumbo/medium flap, then you can choose BQ bowler as it adds more diversity to your collection.
  12. yupe I'm praying really hard and also keep watering the tree so it can grow twice faster than the price increase :lol: i haven't tried BQ IRL, but I'm sure its so lovely and I can use it as a pillow on the plane hehehe

  13. I love the bubble quilt over the two :heart: it is still a classic style and the leather is TDF.
  14. the bubble quilt since you already have a jumbo flap!
  15. Me too:tup: