Which one is more timeless?

  1. Black Caviar Jumbo Classic Flap OR Black Patent Jumbo Classic Flap

    Which one is more timeless??

    Please comment, thanks!!
  2. I would say the Caviar.
  3. Hands down Black Caviar Jumbo Classic:tup:, love them so much I have one in each gold and silver harware;)
  4. Hi, shopping007, it is very much a personal choice- but if pushed I would say the Caviar is the more classic, mainly because it is the traditional Chanel Leather. But for an absolute classic I think the medium double flap in Caviar wins hands down! Bet you wish you hadn't asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. black caviar definitely is. patent jumbo is a classic too but the leather is seasonal and the color. i love classic bags in seasonal colors, that's my style. it depends on your personal style as well!
  6. Black Caviar :yes: Patent is a bit too 'bling' for classic IMO.
  7. Definitely the black caviar!!!
  8. Oh.........Thanks so much!!

    U all so nice, I know what I need now, Black Caviar jumbo!!:rolleyes:
  9. My vote goes to caviar.
  10. I vote Caviar!
  11. Caviar
  12. I say caviar though the patent is also a classic.
  13. Definitely the caviar.
  14. I love both, but the black caviar jumbo is definitely more timeless and classic IMHO. It has a more understated elegance to it.
  15. Caviar is more timeless. I love the patent but I feel like it is more trendy