Which one is more popular?

  1. I wonder which bag is actually more popular: the classic flap bag or the reissue? Which one do you like more and why?

    What do you think?

    I'm trying to get a reissue for so long but it's actually not available in stores here :crybaby: . Classic flap bags are always available but what makes the reissue so popular?

    I prefere the reissue because I'm not a fan of showing logos. That's one reason for me not to have a Louis Vuitton for example although I like the pochette or the cerise collection.
  2. I love the reissue. I like that it looks classic and Chanel but does not have the CC. But I think it is a matter of personal taste.
  3. I think that the classic flap is more popular in comparison to the reissue but that's only my opinion. The reissue is hard to find because it's limited edition whereas the classic flap is available year round in selected colors.

    I personally love the reissue!! If I can find a grey in 226, I'll snatch it up in a second!
  4. Agree with Jen... both are lovely, and it's really a matter of personal taste
  5. Personal taste! I love the reissues and prefer them to the classic flaps. No visible logos, just understated elegance you can dress up or down. I always put a classic flap on my horrible "want" list, but it tends to get pushed down with new pretty things I discover.
  6. Classics are probably more popular. However, I find the reissues to be a little more "modern" (if I can even use that terminology given it's a reissue).
  7. Not if I get there first :p I've been dying to get a grey reissue in 226 as well.:biggrin: :drool:

    IMO, the classics are more popular. But they're both equally beautiful to me :love:
  8. I prefer the reissue over the classic flap actually the classic is not at all my taste because it's to classic and chanel for me.
    I love that the reissue doesn't have the logo and it's hard to get that makes it more special to me because it's not seen a lot.
  9. i guess i'm the only one who loves the classic!! it's just so timeless and cute and elegant all at the same time. i don't own either, but i'd get a classic flap in a second if i had the money.
  10. :nuts: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?! I havent seen you around the forums in FOREVER and a day!!! I was about to post a "MISSING" ad for you in the general discussion!

    But yes... grey reissue 226 :drool: You can bet I'll hunt you down if you get one :graucho:
  11. You all want them in 226? Great...I'll catch it up in 225 or 224, if possible. I prefer small bags for I don't carry much with me :smile:
  12. I prefer the reissue and especially love it because of the distressed leather. I have been afraid to buy the lambskin because I'm afraid it will show wear too easily.

    I have the classic in caviar and I love it, but I'm partial to the reissue.
  13. Both are gorgeous, but I'd have to say that I prefer the classic flap.

  14. my first chanel was a classic flap in black caviar with gold chain. i love it but right now i'm also hungry for a black reissue with silver chain.

    i think both bags are nice in their own way.
  15. I love the reissues. Got the distressed leather and the patent in less than a month. That shows how much I adore this line.