Which one is harder to find? 226 or 227 metallic black?

  1. I can't decide which size to get for a metallic black reissue so I figured why don't I just get the size that's hard to find :whistle: More satisfying, for me at least :graucho:
  2. Huh? they are equally hard to find IMO...
  3. bloomingdales in SCP had a 226 and 228
  4. 227 seems harder ...
  5. ^^^ I agree. 227s seem harder to find. Or maybe I just think so because i'm always being offered a 226???:confused1:
  6. 227 is harder to get imo. But who knows I think all the metallic reissues are harder to get than a regular flap.
  7. i think they are both pretty hard to find... but i think your size preference should be your deciding factor. i didn't like the 227 but love the 226.
  8. 227 size rocks! i pretty much love mine in dark silver, and the black is actually just as beautiful. but yea, it all depends on your taste re the sizing... me, its coz im quite big so 227 seems fit!
  9. i think 227 is harder but i agree with Jeshika, go for the size that suits you.

    i tried a 227 and thought is looked wired on me but with the 226 it looked perfect.
  10. Nordstrom, Topanga had a size 227. I love size 227. It can fit a lot.
  11. I got the last Black Metallic 226 at the Chanel on Rodeo today. :yahoo:
  12. I got 227 metallic black and I pretty love it! :yahoo:
  13. I finally bought the 226 :yahoo:. There was one of each but I decided to get the 226 cos I thought I can use it for night as well like special event that you need to dress formally or sumthing while the 227 is a bit too big. For reference, I'm 130 lbs and 5.47 feet.