which one is dressier the chloe paddington or the spy?

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  1. I havent really seen Chloe paddy in real life so i need more opinion from you guys... which one is dressier? if it's chloe paddy, what color of paddy is the best for the ocassion?
  2. I think the Spy looks dressier. The Paddy is too slouchy and many of the lighter colors seem to look more like vintage or distressed leather to me.
  3. Definitely depends on the color and what you wear with it. For me the spy was dressier, I had it in purple/taupe with the vintage leather. My Chloe was the new black and it was a really casual bag. I took the spy with me to a formal red carpet event and it fit in really nicely there, probably couldn't have done the same with the paddy :biggrin:
  4. They both look great for day/casual wear especially the paddy but, for night I would definitely go with the Spy bag. The paddy is really cascual, doesn't matter what color it is.
  5. I agree....spy is dressier than the paddy.
  6. I think the spy is dressier than the paddy too.
  7. Spy is dressier than the paddy, but it also depends on the colors of the bags too.
  8. I think the Spy, shape-wise, seems dressier even though I think it's larger than the Paddy. I agree with the others that it depends on the color and material as well.