Which one is cuter?

  1. So I think I'll purchase some booties. Does the cloth part look cheap to everyone or does it break up the bootie? Let me know what you all think?? TIA!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I like the second pair better, it looks more sleek :smile:
  3. The leather looks rich, IMO, the fabric looks a little cheap.
  4. agreed - the 2nd one is CUTE!
  5. love the 2nd one...
  6. I like the second pair much better :yes:
  7. In addition all leather is easier to maintain. Get it! :yahoo:
  8. I like the 2nd one.
  9. I prefer the second one. :yes:
  10. Unanimous so far . . . all leather!
  11. ^ yep :yes:

  12. love the 2nd pair!!!
  13. I'm generally not a huge bootie fan (not quite sure if they'll be considered classic in 10 yrs). The second, all leather bootie looks much more expensive and sleeker IMO!
  14. I like the 2nd pair better! ;)
  15. me.. I like the first pair..