Which one is better?

  1. Hey everyone!

    I need your help!

    I would like to get highlights and I was wondering which one I should do - just the top of the head or everywhere? I've never had highlights done before. I'd like something more subtle, nothing too chunky-looking. I don't color my hair anymore (natural color - ash blonde/light, light brown), so I'd like to add something "extra" to my hair color.

    I'd appreciate any advice!
  2. I think for the first time , you should do half head highligts. I have the same natural colour, as you and I do only half head. it looks very natural ;)
  3. you only need half head since most of the time you won't be able to see the bottom half anyways. plus half head is cheaper!
  4. True! I guess half head it is!

    Thanks for replying!
  5. As your hair is naturally fair and you are only going to have subtle highlights, I'd recommend starting out by only having a half head. :biggrin:

    If you like them, you can always have a whole head later, if you want; once they've built up a bit.

    The only reasons someone might want to start out with a whole head, are a) if their hair is much darker than the highlights they're going to get and/or b) if they wear their hair up a lot.

    As your hair is so fair, even if you wear it up, it should still look fine with a half head. :yes:
  6. Go half head aka "partial" highlights! Its young and fresh and will frame your face nicely.
  7. personally i think it really depends on how you wear your hair usually. if it's up a lot, you really need a full head of highlights so the color is even looking. otherwise a partial weave will probably be fine. :smile:
  8. I do wear my hair up a lot though! There are days (and many of them!) when I just don't have time to style my hair, so I just put it up. Plus, when it's summer, I rarely let my hair down. OHHHH...should I do full head? But then my hair is not really dark, so the highlights wouldn't be as visible? I guess I'll just talk to my hairdresser (is that how you call them?...:shame: ) and see what she says...she's been cutting/styling my hair for over 5 years now...

    Thank you for your responses everyone!
  9. If you wear your hair pulled back in a ponytail or put it up I suggest doing the whole head. However, you can tell the haircolorist to do sublte highlights. In other words, not heavy highlights. I am not talking about the color I am talking about the distribution. If they pull less hair into the foils it will look more natural as if the sun did it. I've had heavy highlights and subtle highlights and I have to tell ya, it's much easier to upkeep the sublte highlights. With your haircoloring you would only have to have it done maybe three times a year.
  10. even if you wear your hair up - half a head still covers the pony tail tops :smile: People would still be hard pressed to notice it wasn't all done (unless you are going for dramatic highlights)