which one is better

  1. vernis french purse or vernis ludlow. I dont carry that many cc's. Do you think the vernis french purse looks similar to the vernis agenda?? I know that sounds weird, but they have the same snap thing. I was wondering if they would look too similar in your bag?
  2. I would go with the ludlow. I have it in mono and don't cary that much cash or cc's.
  3. If it were me I'd use the agenda. It has 3 cc slots and is very functional.
  4. I like the FP
  5. i like the ludlow.. small and can slot in credit cards. Good if you dun bring too much cash out.
  6. Oh the french purse is so cute!!!!! Fits way more than ludlow, and a very roomy coin purse! I love it! I think you neeeeed it!:graucho:
  7. I prefer French Purse, I like the design instead ludlow
  8. french purse, 100%
  9. french purse :smile:
  10. If you're like me and don't carry much (I only use a cles), I think a Ludlow would be great! But if you're in the habit of carrying around a lot of bills and change, then I'd reccomend the FP.
  11. I do think the French Purse looks like the agenda! :yes: I'll go for the ludlow on this one ;)
  12. ludlow it is for me.
  13. I like the FP!
  14. vernis french purse !! I like the design more!! so elegant!
  15. The FP is pretty, but if you plan to use your wallet with small bags, then go with the Ludlow.