which one is better, valentine bag or black patent reissue

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  1. hi, this is my first thread :smile:
    can you guys help me to decide which one to buy.
    i love these two bags, but yeah i have to pick one. :sad:

    m/l lambskin fuchsia flap valentine edition (the seller said that it came from 2010 valentine edition, is it?)



    reissue 226 black patent ?


    thanks for the vote :biggrin:
  2. I vote for the valentines bag! It's such a beautiful colour, and the charms are adorable! :heart:
  3. Black bags are a dime a dozen; get the fuchsia flap!
  4. My vote is for the Valentine bag! Such a bright and pretty color! :smile:
  5. I like the valentines bag as well...the color is so unique
  6. honestly i like the v-bag better than the black. but do you think, that one day i will get bored or feel that the bag is too "young" (maybe because of the charms). and i feel a bit weird, bc the seller told me that it is a v-bag 2010, but i read the other thread, they said that there's no fuchsia for v-bag 2010. but there's a coral color. and i think that the bag on my photo is not coral at all, isn't it?
  7. I live the color if the v. Purse but I don't like those charm.... I love charm but not with Chanel bags.... Maybe I am a classic ( boring) person, ha!!!!! The black is nice but again I don't really fancy black purse abd plus it's patent.....??? It's so hard to chose, each has something not my cup of tea..... But I guess the suit will suit me more.... So now it depends on your own liking. Sometimes when I can't decide which purse to get, I will practice "visualize" work. Usually before bed time, I will imagine all my clothing in my in closet and try matching with purses I thought of getting and see which is more appopriate?
  8. i love the black patent reissue.
    its def more timeless than the valentine and you can wear it with everything
  9. I'd get the black patent reissue even though the valentine flap is gorgeous. It's more bang for your buck, IMO. Black purses are always going to be something in demand because of its versatility. GL!
  10. Valentines bag gets my vote. Gorgeous color imo
  11. I vote for the Valentine bag :smile:
  12. I vote for black patent reissue. I tend to prefer plainer and thus more classic bag, but that's just me. I love the pink color of the Valentine, but not sure I like the charms.
  13. This is a toughie! After thinking about it, I think the patent reissue is the one I'd vote for. I do feel that the charms on the v-day bag isn't timeless.
  14. I have the valentine bag for this year.. I'd describe it as a raspberry red/pink.

    I'm biased in this case, but I vote for valentine! :smile:

  15. Same here. I vote for the black patent