Which one is better- the Monogram Canvas Speedy 25 or the Monogram Mini Lin Speedy?

  1. I'm torn!
  2. Is this going to be your first LV? If so, I definitely vote for the mono 25. Love the size, and it is a classic that will look good for years to come!
  3. Mono 25, I've it & I looove it !!!
  4. I personally like mono 25 better...mini lin is nice but seems so saggyyyy because of the material
  5. Mono canvas for something classic and more durable, mini lin for something less common.

    For me, I ended up with damier coz it's classic, less common than mono and super durable! :p
  6. The mono canvas will be so much more durable.
  7. Thanks everyone! I bought the Speedy 25 Monogram Canvas a few days ago. I had been wanting it for forever. Then this lady I work with said I should have gotten the Mini Lin because when anyone sees the Mono Canvas they automatically think it's fake. I promptly showed her the receipt where I bought it at the LV boutique (had it with me, I bought it on my lunch hour) and she was like "yeah that's sad -it's real but people won't know b/c it's mono canvas." Whatever -that totally made me mad, but I just thought I'd get valuable opinions from all the Louis fans here! :smile:
  8. Congratulations on your lovely bag. It doesn't really matter what other people think, only what you think about the bag. It's a wonderful bag and I hope you enjoy it!
  9. Thanks Tamaralin! I don't know why I let that lady bother me... you're right, it's about what I think and I love the bag! I just hate it when people make you second guess things.... ya know?
  10. i would go for the Mini Lin because sooo many people have the mono it's just too common when i see someone with a mono i pay it no mind BUT the very few times i have seen the mini i just can't stop staring
  11. Congrats on your bag! I have the same one and it's my favorite. Personally I don't care if people think I am carrying a fake. I know it's real and that's all I care about. I have it because I love the bag - it's the perfect size and shape for me - I don't care what anyone thinks. Enjoy it - you did good!
  12. I think the mono is classic. I don't think everyone thinks just because something is mono that it is fake. I usually take other things into consideration when thinking a bag is fake or not. Plus, it's not what other people think that matters, it's what matters to you. So enjoy your bag! I think you made a great decision. :yes:

  13. I agree - and most fake look fake in my opinion. I saw a fake speedy this past weekend and it had gold feet on the bottom!! Anyone that knows LV can usually spot fakes although I will admit some are hard to detect.
  14. If it makes you feel any better, there are fake mini lins out there too. :yes: For those who doesn't know or are not interested in LV, whichever LV bag you are carrying, if they want to assume it's fake, they'll assume it's fake regardless of whether it is mono or mini lin. In fact, I have heard of people automatically assume mini lin is fake coz they have never seen one before since they do not keep up with LV all the time.

    Just enjoy your LV! ;)
  15. Monogram Mini Lin Speedy:yes: