Which one is better in your opinion?

  1. Which one is better in term of price, style, usage and how long it is gonna last? I wanna gave my sis a bag for this coming Christmas but still couldn't choose which one to go.

    Denim Baggy PM (approx $1260)

    and Miu Miu (approx $ 1155) ---- I couldn't find the pic of color I want. I want this bag in lighter color (white or blush)

    Any helps would be very appreciate :flowers:

    I'll post a pic soon.
  2. Denim Baggy PM

    and Miu Miu

  3. Any quick reply would be very appreciate! Thank guys!
  4. For me, definitely the Miu Miu. It can be dressed up or down and is made of leather. I couldn't stomach paying that much for denim and don't care for logo prints. You can argue that the pleated look might get dated, but I would prefer it to the denim.
  5. Well, any white or light color won't last as long as denim, which usually wears longer. Also, I think the miu miu is trendier.

    are you open to other options? Because I think there are lots of other long wearing bags for a more reasonable price. Don't know if these are your sisters faves or something.
  6. ^^ Do agree with you on the price for denim thing- I'd much rather have a leather bag for that price!
  7. I agree- too much for denim and I hate logos. I may get shot, but 99% of LV really doesn't do it for me either. I like the Miu Miu, but I can see how it is trendy, as pointed out by someone else. What type of bag does your sister usually carry, in terms of styling?

  8. :idea:
    At first she like Miu Miu Coffer ( approx $1450)

    As I think Miu Miu Coffer is also nice but a bit pricy for my little sis. She's only 20 and still in college so I choose this one instead.
  9. i prefer the miu miu (i'm 21)
  10. She has various style of bags since LV monogram canvas til YSL muse, Chole. Not sure about her style.
  11. If she liked the Coffer, she may like this then w/ the pleating. You are a great sister for such an x-mas gift!

  12. Thanks gal :love:
  13. I vote for Miu Miu. $1260 for a denim?! I don't think so. Miu Miu is all leather and well made. What a kind and generous sister you are!

    If she likes Coffer, definitely you should go with Miu Miu.
  14. miu miu, I'm a leather handbag kind of gal

  15. and do you think she will like the little black one that I choose? The style is quite the same but it is not exactly the same :push:.