Which one is better choice?--BV or Fendi


BV Woven Hobo in brown or Fendi Wisteria Spy in Honey?

  1. BV woven hobo

  2. Fendi Wisteria spy

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  1. So here we go again,.,making choice...

    Bottega woven hobo OR

    Fendi honey wisteria?
  2. Bottega! It's a classic, the craftsmanship is amazing, and it will never, ever go out of style.
  3. I agree with Angstofgumby. BV is classic and the craftsmanship is superb. I have a ball bag in hazelnut and I had a Spy but returned it. I can tell you firsthand the BV was much better made.
  4. BV definitely.
  5. Thanks Kat. BV it is...But do you like the woven hobo with scallop edge more or Ball bag more...Thinking about get red color but can't decide which one...
  6. BV for me!
  7. Alright.Just called DH to buy the red Ball bag for me from BV store 3 mins ago....:rolleyes:
    thanks everyone for the inputs!
  8. I'm glad you're getting the BV, post pics for us :biggrin:
  9. They are both great bags, but I prefer the ball bag.:P It has a flatter bottom KWIM?

  10. Congrats! That bag is gorgeous in red! Pleas post pics when you get it!
  11. Yeah, I like the flat bottom of the ball bag, also the organized compartment on the side sold me totally....Plus I have had that brown scallop trim satchel. :heart:
  12. Awesome, I love the ball bag and I'm really glad that you decided on that one ! :biggrin:
  13. My BV feels like butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hey,. gals.. I came to BV store to pick up my red ball bag this morning and they have this beautiful medium size cabat in red on display. It is beyond beautiful and that red is soo rich red. I almost wanted to get her home with me. But DH reminded me to think over and come back later if I really really want that bag after 1 week waiting period. He just said think about how many other bags you can get with that price. But come on...it is a BV Cabat....:love::heart:
  15. Oh, I love the Ball bag!!! It's on my "someday...." wish list.