Which one is better? Black Y satchel or GoldxBrown Reversible

  1. http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/products/mt/BGV002G_mt.jpg



    the "Y" Satchel looks more durable, and is very cute! but I'm afraid it will be too old for me as I am 22....the reversible has 2 bag in one (of which one is the season's hot metallic!), and its very roomy and good for work, but would the leather be too filmsy? Please give opinion, thank you!!!
  2. I don't know. I like the first black one. That one caught my eyes.
  3. Oh, that's tough! I think I like #2, but I would have to feel it and try it out. #1 looks good, too. But maybe a bit more "mature". :confused1:

    Let us know what you decide!!!
  4. thx sweetee and gr8heart!

    i completely agree that I will have to try on and feel to decide, but then I just moved to a small town where nothing is ever here *sigh*

    i am going to NYC this June, I always tell myself that I should just not shop (since there is nothing to buy here) and save up and I can buy anything I want in NYC once I go, but it's just so hard to not buy anything for 4 months -_-"
  5. If your young you should rock the metallic one. Its more eye catching, I love it!!
  6. Good luck and have fun!