Which one is better (between the GALLERY SIGNATURE TOTE and the NORTH-SOUTH TOTE?

  1. O.K After read the comments in my last post I have decided that I will exchange the Hamptons... The reason because I bought it is because I was ready to buy the Sig Stripe tote but I discovered that it don't have a zipper so I changed my mind and ordered the Hamptons but honestly it looks too "serious" for me. It beautiful but I always wear jeans, tees and the bag look a little weird on me.
    So I think I will exchange it for the Gallery but I am not sure between the GALLERY SIGNATURE TOTE (1) and the NORTH-SOUTH TOTE (2) and what color???
    11237_BKHRD-1_d2.jpg 11238_BKHRD-1_d2.jpg
  2. I like the look of #1 better. As far as color goes, looking on the website, I like the khaki/tan the best. Second choice would be khaki/red. For some reason, I just think the khaki signature looks AWESOME on this tote!!
  3. Thank you Maya! I think I am getting tired of all this looking for the perfect bag! You saw the pictures of the Hamptons? I don't know but I think that I will get the Gallery better, looks more simple. And yes, I think I like better the #1
  4. I did see the Hamptons... it's just not my kind of style. I like more casual looking bags.
  5. The first one...will hold baby stuff easier....and looks more stylish....
    would look great with jeans!
  6. I prefer the east west. It's just easier to find stuff in them.
  7. I like east- west bags the best. They are easier to keep organized. Everything tends to get lost for me in north- south bags.
  8. I agree! Based on what you said were your needs, the east/west tote would work best.

    Plus I have one too (in black) and I love it.
  9. I prefer the first bag =)
  10. I like the first one.. easier to organize your baby stuffs.. and it looks better too in my opinion :yes: