Which one i should keep?

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  1. Please help, i cannot decide between these two bags. They both are m/l classic flap red lamb. One, with silver hardware in dark red like the color on picture number 1. Another one with light gold hardware in orange red like the color on picture number 2. What would you keep? Thank you for shaing your opinion.:smile:

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  2. lighting can be deceiving.. but that aside, think the shade in first pic is nicer
  3. I prefer the darker red!
  4. dark red is TDF!!
  5. i like the darker red but with gold chain. i think red with GHW is a must! I didnt get the 10C red cos it only comes in SHW. but if i were to choose between the 2 that u mentioned above, i would pick the 1st. dark red.
  6. I like the first picture better, with the darker red bag and Kirsten Dunst. But, the lighting can be tricky. It also depends on your wardrobe. My vote would be for the color in the first pic!
  7. can you post actual pictures?
  8. number one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I prefer the second on.. I like the size.
  10. I like the 2nd one.. orange red with gold..a little more pop i think :biggrin:
  11. I like the darker red.
  12. prefer the 1st one, the second got orange undertone... not a cup of tea for me..
  13. I prefer the first one... but I agree we would need actual pictures :smile:
  14. the first one! you mean you have both and are getting rid of one? or plan to buy one? nice problem to have!
  15. First one for me! ;)