Which one i should keep Neverfull mono MM or Neverfull damier MM.I can't decide!!!

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  1. I'm really don't know which one i should keep between neverfull mono MM and neverfull damier MM :confused1: ..actually i need to keep them both,but i'm kind of need to pay a lot of stuffs.Please help me make a decision.Thank you everyone. :woohoo:
  2. Keep the Damier NF!
  3. I agree, the Damier NF :tup:
  4. Damier for sure!
  5. damier =d
  6. Damier!
  7. damier mm
  8. I agree, damier for sure! :yes:
    It's the cutest of them and it's not available in all stores until May 2009! But for this reason if you sell the damier you could get more money.
  9. Damier! Everyone has it in Mono
  10. Damier vote here as well.
  11. Keep the Damier, you can buy back the Mono next time.
  12. Keep the Damier for sure!!!!
  13. Damier:tup:
  14. Damier-Definitely MUST keep!:yes:
  15. i'll say keep damier :drool: but if u need $ i do think damier can fetch more $ since it's not as commonly found.